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Having lived in Los Angeles area for the last 25 years, Joe Celli has left his mark in the live television industry as an Art Director and Production Designer.  Always an artist at heart, he’s spent much of his time away from the collaborative environment of the television studio in his personal art studio creating work of his own vision.  


Working primarily with encaustic, he often experiments with opaque and translucent layers of intersecting geometry as a way to restore order to a life that has long been ruled by the chaos endemic of his career. His work typically begins with intentions of precision knowing that the wild molten nature of the medium are something that will never fully be tamed. The limitations of time, temperature and tension remain as present in his work as they have always been in his show life.

examples of my television work:

Celli_Joe_profile pic2023.jpeg
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select exhibitions


Suspension of (my) Disbelief

Hot & Cold: Wax Artists of California
Story: Real or Not So Much!

A Blank White Box, Los Angeles, CA

Blue Line Arts, Roseville, CA
Escondido Arts Partnership, Escondido, CA

solo exhibition 

Nancy Youdelman                         *2nd prize
Holly Roberts



Tubac Center for the Arts, Tubac, AZ

Lisa Pressman, Sue Stover



A Collective Voice

Atlantic Gallery, New York, NY

Bridgeport Center for the Arts, Chicago, IL

Jerry McLaughlin                            *runner up  

Jeffrey Hirst, Lisa Pressman


8th Annual Encaustic Exhibition

National Encaustic Exhibition

Survey of Contemporary Encaustic

Morpho Gallery, Chicago, IL

University of Connecticut/Stamford, Stamford, CT

Chaffey Museum of Art, Ontario, CA

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